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Stinging Nettle Pasta

I promised I would do a post about nettle pasta. It is easy to make and if you do not have access to fresh nettles, you can always use spinach. Nettles have such a wonderful taste, they are grassier and sweeter than spinach and those flavors really come through with this recipe. I hope you do get a chance to find wild nettles because nettles are so special and so is fresh pasta. The following recipe is adapted from Marcella Hazan’s spinach pasta recipe.

(this recipe is for 1 lb of fresh pasta or 4 dinner portions)
6 cups of fresh nettle leaves
3 cups of unbleached flour
4 large eggs

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Asparagus Gratin

So what do I do when I have stale bread and two of my sisters give me fresh asparagus from their gardens and fresh eggs from their chickens? I make this gratin, its easy and delicious! It completely transforms old bread into a really delicious dinner, well you really can’t go wrong with fresh eggs and asparagus and cheese!

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